Chie Mitsui

Chie Mitsui

Senior Researcher, Data Analyst,
Digital Financial Business Planning Department Ⅰ, Nomura Research Institute

About this Speaker

Chie Mitsui is a graduate of the Tokyo University of Science and has a masters degree from Department of Physics, Graduate School of Science. Before joining Nomura Research Institute in 2008, she worked at Jiji Press Ltd.

Chie specializes in corporate disclosure information and associated systems, IFRS, and ESG.

Also a member of IFRS Taxonomy Consultative Group (ITCG) of International Accounting Standard Board 2014-2020, she has been publishing articles and reports regarding efficient disclosure information for investors' & analysts' activities.

Since 2014, Chie has been expanding her research area to the trend of UK/EU corporate governance, reporting, and their impact. In the past several years, Chie has been also researching Sustainable finance, impact investments.